Subject: Revolution in the global madhouse

The fact that you talk in your head does not mean that you think, but only that you speak. Only someone who talks to himself, can lie to himself. Do not believe everything you think.

According to the German Wikipedia, controlled thinking are all processes that are created by an active engagement with inner images, memories and concepts in order to form a realization. This happens usually in the form of an inner discursive speech, in which the pros and cons will be discussed by silent verbalization of contents of consciousness in a inner dialogue. This becomes particularly evident when considering and comparing the (German) Wikipedia article on intuition:

Intuition is the ability to gain insights into issues, perspectives, laws, or the subjective reasonableness of decisions without discursive use of reason, that is without conscious conclusions.

Controlled thinking through the discursive use of reason is therefore in direct contrast to intuition, the involuntary and uncontrolled activity of the human brain. In common usage, thinking is understood to be every active, willful internal employment.

I would like to take up the cudgels for intuition and against controlled thinking. Even if you disagree about the point that I am trying to make in this article - I would kindly like to ask you to try to stop controlled thinking for a while. Get a cup of tea and sit down, for example. Take a few minutes off from the hard work of thinking, and silence your inner discursive speech, if you can. I know, this is probably hard to achieve. How much are you in control of the process of controlled thinking if you can't stop it if you like to? Are you in control of the processes of controlled thinking - or are these processes actually controlling you? Do you speak through your inner voice, or is your inner voice speaking through you? Maybe this article can help you to take back control. A little hint may also help you: If you wouldn't have the urge to tell things to yourself, you wouldn't hear yourself talking all the time.

Even if the internal dialogue with the so-called "mind" discusses positions and counter positions, there is basically nothing more than an intimate soliloquy. Technically, from the perspective of communication theory, a soliloquy communication is pointless, because as long as there is no split personality, information source and information sink are identical.

Split personality for the purpose of gaining knowledge?

In my opinion, an accident happened during the evolutionary process when mankind developed the meme of human language. The course of this accident still continues until today. The advent of the disaster is likely already back tens of thousands of years. The idea of gaining information and knowledge by discursive self-talk in the mind is a naive and bizarre concept of thinking that leads to states of serious confusion. In times of dire straits, these voices tend to manifold and argue with each other in a chaotic manner, all at the same time ...

If the speakers don't recognize anymore that they are the author of the voices, the positions and counter positions, then they can feel haunted by the voices, because they accompany the "thinkers through the discursive intellect" everywhere and anytime. The voices will not even get quieter when they block their ears. If people in such a confused state of mind seek medical attention, the voices are considered to be "vocal hallucinations" for lack of better knowledge. The mental hospitals of this planet are filled with people who are listening desperately into themselves.

The supposed path to knowledge and truth through the secret talks with the so-called mind is a fixed idea that virtually everyone is obsessed with today.

Since people pursue this naive and bizarre concept of thinking, they lie to themselves out of a mixture of stupidity and curiosity and make each other miserable in their madness.

Would you prefer the red or the blue pill?

Do you want to see reality as it is, or will you continue to follow the herd and belong to the great society of the patients of this global madhouse?

If it is the red pill, please forward this message. It contains a truth that causes unpleasant reactions in many people, and the voices in their head can become louder at first. We will see the familiar patterns of repression and denial, but the truth will eventually set them free. In this respect, the probability that this message spreads virally, is low. The more important is each individual contribution. Your contribution. Please help to spread the word!

Do not think that I am jesting or speaking figuratively when I regard those persons who cling to the Higher, and (because the vast majority belongs under this head) almost the whole world of men, as veritable fools, fools in a madhouse. What is it, then, that is called a "fixed idea"? An idea that has subjected the man to itself. When you recognize, with regard to such a fixed idea, that it is a folly, you shut its slave up in an asylum. [...] "Thou shalt not call thy brother a fool; if thou dost -- etc." But I do not fear the curse, and I say, my brothers are arch-fools.

Max Stirner: "The Ego and His Own"

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